Making Shelters Smart

Finnish High-Tech companies are re-defining concrete bunkers from underground isolation vaults into sophisticated personnel protection facilities by introducing S3 concept; Smart Shelter System.

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Re-defining Shelters

Observis and Temet have joined forces to offer a new approach to the underground shelter paradigm, the Smart Shelter System or S3. The S3 concept replaces the out-dated manual shelter systems with fully automatized control of all the life-supporting and -saving hardware of an underground shelter. This is realized by intelligent sensor fusion and integration of all the devices, actuators and controls into one situational awareness software; ObSAS from Observis. Automation significantly increases response capability to outside threats by, for example minimizing reaction times thus providing an unprecedented level of safety and security compared to traditional shelter configurations.

Through the comprehensive interconnection of all system components ObSAS provides the shelter personnel with highly visualised real-time status information of all the devices and functionalities of a shelter. With ObSAS the shelter system can be operated also manually if required.

During crisis, situational awareness of the immediate surroundings of the shelter as well as the rest of the world is crucial. Knowing when it is safe to leave the shelter is as important as knowing how long it is safe to stay in the shelter. As a part of a Smart Shelter System a communication solution is provided offering uninterrupted capability to communicate with, for example command centres and other underground shelters.

Temet Shelter Experience

Temet Oy provides a full range of shelter equipment for different protective specifications according to the needs and demands of the client from typical public class shelters up to high-class operational shelters.The product palette of Temet offers a solution for all cases where protection against explosions and their impacts is required. Temet is a world leading company for blast protection, CBRN filtration and ventilation technology for shelters, protective structures and industrial applications worldwide.

Complete Situational Awareness

Observis Oy is a developer and supplier of comprehensive situational awareness systems for CBRNe, environmental and industrial monitoring. The company has extensive experience in delivering solutions to various mission critical applications requiring a comprehensive operational picture in real-time. Observis has a successful track record in delivering systems for underground shelters, reconnaissance vehicles and mobility applications to customers around the world.

The core competitive edge of Observis is the seamless integration of devices and systems. The solutions the company delivers are based on the principles of device and software independence and are offering full scalability from light mobile systems to nationwide monitoring networks.

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