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Issue 119 • January 2021

Naval vessels are increasingly under threat from hypersonic weapons, but sailors don't currently have simulated targets that realistically represent them to practice against. We find out how the emergence of hypersonic weapons has created new training requirements for armed forces, and take a look at a new technology in this space, the EVADER supersonic training missile developed by Melbourne-based Grollo Aerospace to help the Royal Australian Navy train for hypersonic weapons.

We also ask whether traditional long-range fires such as artillery still have a place on the modern battlefield, and check in on the latest developments in the British-French Future Cruise/Anti-Ship Weapon project to develop a new shipborne missile by 2030.

Elsewhere, we speak to Iceni Labs about its work on equipment for urban warfare including a ‘sense through the wall’ system, and hear from REACT Neuro, a brain health AI company that has developed a virtual reality solution to assess the impact of traumatic brain injury in service personnel and veterans.

In comment, we hear from GLOBSEC founder Robert Vass why President Trump was a 'wake-up call' for Europe, and speak to Viasat UK managing director Steve Beeching about the need to invest in STEM and diversity in the rapidly growing space industry.

Susanne Hauner, publisher