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Value of a contract awarded to Lockheed Martin to build three missile warning satellites for the US Space Force


Value of an order for two GlobalEye planes placed with Saab by the UAE


Value of a UK MOD contract awarded to MBDA for F-35B SPEAR3 missiles


Value of Teledyne Technologies's deal to acquire FLIR Systems


Value of a Space Development Agency launch contract awarded to SpaceX

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Former US Defence Secretaries condemn Capitol riots

Two former US Defence Secretaries who served in President Donald Trump’s administration have condemned rioters incited by Trump that raided the US Capitol to subvert the results of the 2020 election.

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UK Carrier Strike Group declares initial operating capability

It's a significant milestone on the path to the group’s first operational deployment later this year.

ULA launches spy satellite  
The United Launch Alliance (ULA) has launched a satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office, a US Government agency tasked with managing spy satellites.

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Russia’s top long-range attack drones 

Russia is accelerating the development of its long-range attack UAVs to compete with the US and China, who are ahead in the combat drone race.

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My team are used to complexity and building supply chains at speed, in the most arduous and challenging conditions. We aim to deliver vaccine as soon after it is supplied as possible, not leaving vast quantities in the warehouse - it needs to be in arms not on shelves.

Brigadier Phil Prosser comments on the British Army helping with vaccine roll-out in the UK during a coronavirus briefing

This is a hugely significant milestone for HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Navy and the whole country. This achievement is a testament to the determination of our service personnel and industry workforce who have delivered this first-rate military capability, a capability held by only a handful of nations. I wish the entire Carrier Strike Group well ahead of their first operational deployment this year.

UK Defence Minister Jeremy Quin on the UK Carrier Strike Group declaring initial operating capability

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RAF Voyager aircraft conducts air-to-air refuelling of French Air Force Mirage fighters during a combined long-range projection mission to Djibouti. Credit: MOD

Marines and Sailors from 3d Marine Division receive Covid-19 vaccinations. Credit: US Navy

Sailors assigned to the forward-deployed amphibious assault ship USS America conduct flight operations with an F-35B aircraft. Credit: US Marine Corps

Soldiers of 1st Battalion 125th Field Artillery fire rounds from the M109A6 Paladin to validate upgrades to the unit's howitzers. Credit: Minnesota National Guard

An Army CH-47F Chinook sits atop a mountain in the Alps in Germany. Credit: US DoD

The British Army has sent almost 2,000 troops to Liverpool to help with the mass testing of residents for Covid-19. Image: Crown Copyright / MOD