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INITIATION & DETONATION: We have a wide variety of Electrical & Mechanical Firing Devices, Plain & Electric Detonators, Firing Cable Reels, Safety Fuse, plus variations of Igniter, Safety Fuse, Electric & Percussion. Our selection of Shock Tube Systems includes: ST Detonators, ST Starters, and Rapid Firing Systems, all with varying lengths to suit operational requirements.

DEMOLITION STORES: As an industry leading military demolitions explosives supplier, we provide the complete range of explosives and demolitions charges. We offer all SEMTEX explosives, such as C4, PE4, and detonating cords. Our special explosives are ideal for Special Forces and Explosive Method of Entry (EMOE): RAZOR Linear Charges, Sheet Explosive, Linear Cutting Tape, and Paste Explosives (PASTEX). We offer all Shaped Charges: Bangalore Torpedo, NR50, Beehive, Hayrick, and Rapid Crater Kits.

MINE CLEARANCE: This mission necessitates steady nerves and quality equipment. Metal detectors and surveillance equipment enable operators to identify threats. Bespoke minefield marking kits allow personnel to mark hidden threats — which is guaranteed to save lives.

EOD & C-IED: As a leading Explosive Ordnance Disposal supplier, we provide equipment that meets demanding requirements of EOD personnel and Combat Engineers. Disruptors and Injectors neutralize threats (Hotrod, Pigstick, Mantis, Needle-Plus). High quality military PPE such as EOD Bomb Suits, Search Suits, Demining Aprons, and Ballistic Helmets protect operators during UXO clearance.