Failsafe, pioneering antenna technology for the demands of the digital battlefield

Threats are evolving at a rapid pace and antagonists are attacking in unconventional and unprecedented ways. Defence platforms need more to survive in today’s digital battlefield. From the searing heat of the desert to the cool edges of space, antennas need to be ready for any mission. At Cobham Aerospace Connectivity, we’re proud to be on your team. Pushing boundaries from the moment we first explore your requirements and asking the right questions to redefine your capabilities.

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Electronic Warfare (EW) Antennas

Observis and Temet have joined forces to offer a new approach to the underground shelter paradigm, the Smart Shelter System or S3. The S3 concept replaces the out-dated manual shelter systems with fully automatized control of all the life-supporting and -saving hardware of an underground shelter. This is realized by intelligent sensor fusion and integration of all the devices, actuators and controls into one situational awareness software; ObSAS from Observis. Automation significantly increases response capability to outside threats by, for example minimizing reaction times thus providing an unprecedented level of safety and security compared to traditional shelter configurations.

Through the comprehensive interconnection of all system components ObSAS provides the shelter personnel with highly visualised real-time status information of all the devices and functionalities of a shelter. With ObSAS the shelter system can be operated also manually if required.

During crisis, situational awareness of the immediate surroundings of the shelter as well as the rest of the world is crucial. Knowing when it is safe to leave the shelter is as important as knowing how long it is safe to stay in the shelter. As a part of a Smart Shelter System a communication solution is provided offering uninterrupted capability to communicate with, for example command centres and other underground shelters.

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Ground to Air – Link16 Antennas

We offer a range of extended performance, broadband omni and sector antennas designed for use in the ground-to-air Link16 band. Link16 antennas operate in 960-1,215 MHz for terrestrial and naval applications communicating with airborne platforms. Our Link16 range includes a 4dBi gain omni that provides ‘intermediate’ range, size and elevation beam width, which can be used for both marine and ground applications. All our Link16 antennas are rugged, designed for environmental extremes and have been combat tested.

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Security Antennas

Our antennas are used in several applications within the field of security, including counter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), surveillance and motion/perimeter protection, emergency services, telemetry, and RF intruder detection and covert systems. Inter-communication between personnel is crucial for security agencies and we have designed antennas for Professional Mobile Radio (PMR), TETRA applications and for communications to and from helicopter and base, for data and video links.

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Cobham have been developing battle-proven anti-jam GNSS solutions for high-performance fixed and rotary wing platforms for over 20 years. We pride ourselves in providing a complete end-to-end Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solution compromised of antennas, processor and software, all individually tailored to the needs of each platform.

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