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Issue 122 • April 2021

Later this year, the UK’s Carrier Strike Group will set sail on its first operational deployment to the Indo-Pacific – a move that is intended to project the UK’s intention to establish a global presence – but it could backfire if China reads it as a provocation and responds accordingly. We take a look at the strike group’s capabilities and the various vessels and aircraft involved, and explore the potential geopolitical repercussions of the deployment.

Developing replacements for the in-service Black Hawk and Kiowa helicopters, the US Army’s Future Vertical Lift programme will usher in a new era of rotary-wing power. We check out the contenders for the different components of the programme and find out how they stack up against the aircraft they will replace.

We also catch up with Babcock about its work on integrating digital technologies into naval shipbuilding, speak to DSEI’s space adviser Dr Michael Holden about the growing interest in military space and how the sector will be represented at this year’s event, and hear from IFS about options for monitoring military assets during disconnected operations.

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Susanne Hauner, publisher