Special Shelter Solutions


Morehouse produces high-quality functional solutions for all requirements and conditions as a result of more than twenty years of long-term product development.

Morehouse products are used in more than 20 countries from the jungles and deserts to Antarctica. Central to our product development, is the tight-knit cooperation with The Finnish Defence Forces.

Many years of experience dealing with challenging projects, training and continuous product development have made Morehouse a frontrunner in moveable functional solutions.

Our deployable container-base solutions provide security, flexibility and reliability in action, to our customers in the defense forces, fire and rescue services, and private companies.

We supply solutions to all situations which require rapid changes, immediate deployment and undelay implementation.

In our supply chain project know-how stands out, assuring this way, high quality and cost-effectiveness. We also look after the lifelong maintenance of our products.



  • All Morehouse products are factory-tested before delivery. The equipped system platform can be delivered to the site and we can also organize training for the users during installation.
  • The regular maintenance of a product ensures it’s long working life and reliable operation in demanding conditions. Morehouse’s precise PLM system ensures proactive and effective maintenance.