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Asia Defence Expo & Conference Series (ADECS)

29-30 January 2019 - Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The Asia Defence Expo & Conference Series (ADECS), taking place on 29-30 January 2019 in Singapore, is a leading defence and military exhibition focused specifically on trends and opportunities within the Asia Pacific region.

The local environment and conditions pose unique challenges to defence in this part of the world. Frequent natural disasters require a well-developed and efficient disaster response process, for example. Tropical waters impact platform performance and design requirements. Climate, geography, and regional politics inform training operations.

ADECS 2019 provides the perfect platform to connect key local government officials with the wider defence community. It is host to four conferences that discuss solutions, strategies and incoming trends that will impact and inform regional military planning.

Through expert speakers and unrivalled content, ADECS will host 4 technical conferences through the show:

Military Training & Simulation: In 2019, the Military Training & Simulation Conference (MilSim) Asia will focus heavily on the next generation of simulation and training technologies, and their application in military and law enforcement training. The use of VR in simulation and systems has steadily risen, offering new methods for developing individual and small unit tactics.

Undersea Defence Technology: In 2019, the Undersea Defence Technology Conference (UDT) Asia will concentrate on optimising regional undersea and ASW operations. New opportunities are available around Man/Machine teaming underwater, as well as longer-range sensors and communication capabilities. There have also been significant advances in unmanned and autonomous systems, which impacts surveillance and mine countermeasures.

AOC Electronic Warfare: Against a backdrop of rapidly advancing capabilities and geo-political uncertainty, EW Asia returns in 2019 to explore the future of EW and EM Operations in current and emerging threats. These include hybrid warfare, and Anti Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) where potential regional opponents are excelling.

Maritime Patrol: Maritime Patrol Asia 2019 provides a vital forum for maritime operational and technical experts to see and hear the latest developments in the delivery of littoral maritime security. It will focus on delivering enhanced maritime situational awareness in the region through improved EEZ surveillance and security in territorial waters.

For more information and to register visit asia-decs.com