NIMR Automotive

NIMR Automotive is a United Arab Emirates government owned military vehicle manufacturer in Abu Dhabi, producing a range of light and medium weight wheeled vehicles, and a member of government holding company ‘Emirates Defence Industries Company (EDIC)’. 

Today’s battlefield poses a variety of challenges. The rise of asymmetrical warfare in urban settings and diverse operational requirements increases the need for military-grade vehicles with high levels of mobility and protection. NIMR’s battle-proven vehicles are in service with Armed Forces across the MENA region and have a reputation for versatility, reliability and performance.  With a complete in-house design capability and modern production facilities, NIMR provides a total solution for a variety of defence needs.

NIMR Automotive has adapted to meet the requirements of military and internal security forces in this fast-changing modern conflict environment. In a relatively short time, we have become the leading manufacturer of military vehicles in the Middle East and North Africa region. With over 2,500 NIMR vehicles in active service with Armed Forces from nine nations, NIMRs have a proven their exceptional performance and protection in the harshest operational conditions in active conflict, without any fatalities to crew.

NIMR’s diverse and modular vehicle range is based on our unique 4x4 and 6x6 chassis or a monocoque hull design, providing users the option to adopt several variants from a common driveline, in either soft-skin and armoured configurations. NIMR provide a complete fleet solution from the small and light Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV) up to NIMR 6x6 MRAP (JAIS), our range of vehicles encompasses all end user mission requirements.

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