BAE Systems has a vision for the naval operations room of the future, and a £20m investment to back it up. We find out how the company plans to develop AI-enabled, augmented reality-powered systems to support the Royal Navy's requirements for future combat systems.

Last year’s Women in Defence UK Awards was the biggest yet, with more than 300 nominations received from across the defence community including the Armed Forces, government departments and defence industry. We speak to some of the winners to find out about their work in the defence sector.

The UK Ministry of Defence’s Challenger 2 life extension project aims to remove obsolescence from the main battle tank, extend its out-of-service date by ten years to 2035 and upgrade its capabilities. We take a look at the tech that’s going into it. We also look inside the success story of MDBA’s Common Anti-Air Modular Missile, explore the technologies that will back up the US Marine Corps’ future missions, and find out how South Korea is working to develop its blue-water capabilities.