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Navy Vessels

Nowadays, naval vessels must cater to a number of complex needs in difficult conditions.

Fassmer has developed a wide range of special vessels to meet these varying requirements, each of them showing outstanding performance at sea. A modular design concept is at the heart of this, with specialized platforms and sophisticated integration concepts for flexible warfare and state-of-the-art surveillance systems. Customers can rely on lasting, intelligent solutions for any of their military shipbuilding challenges.

OPV 80

These large offshore patrol vessels have exceptional sea-keeping characteristics and are known to have set new standards in many ways. Their advanced hull design makes the vessels fully seagoing and therefore ideal for multi-functional tasks in naval and coast guard missions with a range of more than 10.000 nm and a maximum speed of 23 knots. A functional deck layout features a helicopter landing deck and hangar, a large rescue zone and dedicated space for modular payload. The vessels can be fitted with several weapons and surveillance payloads as well as three interceptor boats and can accommodate up to 100 persons

Fassmers OPVs:
built and operating worldwide

Fassmer OPV 80
Proven performance at sea

Film OPV

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Special Forces Boats

Fassmer boat systems – proven integration Fassmer has a high competence and worldwide reputation for building high-end Special Forces boats, telescopic davits and stern ramps for specialized operations within the navy context. Navies all over the world use these advanced systems because of their proven quality, long lifetime and special features such as stowage inside the ship‘s structure in order to reduce radar signature. Fassmer Boat Handling Systems are the perfect choice for naval applications. Special operation boats can be used for multiple purposes. These boats can be built as working or boarding boats of flexible size, construction material and technical equipment. Possible deployment scenarios in a military context are: special operation forces, boarding, escorting ships, transport / shipment, diving and rescue. The boats can be delivered, approved and certified as SOLAS Fast Rescue Boats, if required, benefitting from Fassmer´s in-house experience in life saving appliances.

The Fassmer SFB 10.1 is the perfect choice when a high-performance tender is required.  
This 10m rigid-hull inflatable boat (RIB) for up to 15 crew members has a deep v-hull for optimal ride characteristics, a flexible seating arrangement and a centre steering console. The hull is constructed from high-grade composite materials and equipped with a multi-chamber tube with a sliding fixation for easy replacement of individual elements. 

  • Special military “ship to shore” operations
  • Boarding / accessing other vessels
  • Ideal for support operations like escort, transport, medical ambulance, diving support, rescue
  • Twin inboard diesel engines paired with water jets

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