Manufacture & Supplier of Military Aircraft Refuelling Vehicles, Hydrant Dispensers and Hydrant Carts! 

About the Company

Aircraft Refuellers - Military

Established in 1963, STOKOTA specializes in road tankers for transport and delivery of fuels. After being in business for over 50 years, STOKOTA has become an international producer of industrial vehicles for fuel distribution, Aircraft Refuelling Vehicles and Industrial Cleaning vehicles with customers around the globe.

Today STOKOTA’s focus, as an IATA Strategic Member, is on aircraft refuelling vehicles and hydrant dispensers. Next to building successfully civil aircraft refuellers, Stokota is also active in the military sector. 

Stokota offers a complete portfolio of aircraft refuellers, bowsers, trailers, semi-trailers, hydrant dispensers and hydrant carts.

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Military Aircraft Refueller, air & road side, suitable for underwing and overwing refuelling and defuelling of aircrafts. Assembled on a suitable and fully equipped three-axle truck chassis (modified), left or right hand traffic, operation side at driver’s side. 

  • Tank capacity from 5.000 to 21.000 l
  • Flow rates from 350 to 2.500 lpm

Double circuit (electronic and pneumatic back-up system) to ensure the safe operation of the unit when the electronic system is damaged.

The unit is equipped with two hose reels and all necessary pressure control valves, MIL-spec Filter / Water Separator or monitor, meter system, Alfons Haar PreciFUEL (other systems possible on request) for refuelling of modern aircrafts in line with JIG latest issue, MID, ADR, EI, EN and STANAG regulations in course of validity.

While maintaining a solid customer base in the normal road tankers and cleaning vehicles, STOKOTA’s focus is now on aircraft refueling vehicles and hydrant dispensers. Next to building successfully commercial and military aircraft refuellers for the Eastern European market and a series of 25 military units for the Belgian Air Force, we can also offer a complete portfolio with new hydrant dispensers.

The key points during development are use of advanced technology, safety, ergonomics, easy handling, easy maintenance and testing, clean design and a high build quality. Using the latest technology allows us to build light constructions without losing quality or safety.

STOKOTA is well known for the close contact with its customers. Through Customer Specific Design, we try to find the best compromise between our customer’s wishes and a well thought out design.
The main advantage of STOKOTA lies in the production process. We design and manufacture our own tanks from aluminium, stainless steel or carbon steel plate to fully equipped tank. The tanks are automatically welded and tested through radiographic checks on the welded joints, pressure test, capacity measurement, safe loading and brake tests. Next to that, the majority of the equipment going from frame work to electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment is designed and built in-house.

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