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The US is deploying Triton drones to Guam to assist with surveillance in the Pacific, where tension is bubbling. With Beijing and Washington racing to keep tabs on one another in the South China Sea, and China shipping surveillance and electronic warfare equipment to its controversial outposts , we review the situation and find out what the Triton drones will add to the US military’s arsenal in the region.

We also report on the biggest topics from Eurosatory, speak to Polaris Alpha about its multi-domain command and control system, and check in with DARPA’s work on aerial launch and recovery drone swarms.

Plus, we ask whether concerns about the high operating and maintenance costs of the F-35 fighter will have an impact on purchase commitments, review the latest developments in hypersonic missiles, and take a look at BAE Systems' winning bid for Australia's SEA 5000 frigates.

Susanne Hauner, editor