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Internationally approved encryption doesn’t need to cost a fortune

With the global increase in unmanned vehicle development, the use of data encryption technologies is on the rise and now, more than ever, sensitive data on deployed platforms must be protected from adversaries. Until recently, Type 1 encryption devices were the only choice available to protect data-at-rest (DAR) but the lengthy development times and high costs associated with new Type 1 encryptor development significantly increases program costs and schedule risk. Due to budget constraints, even large programs are finding it difficult to fund new Type 1 encryption developments.

A solution that both speeds the deployment and lowers the cost of protecting DAR is provided by the new two-layer encryption approach outlined in the National Security Agency’s (NSA) Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) process. CSfC allows for the use of commercially sourced encryption technologies for applications that do not require the highest levels of protection. Two­­-layer encryption can be supported by commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) data storage solution vendors, and system integrators can take advantage of these products to reduce their program schedules, costs, and development risk. As well, two-layer encryption can be leveraged with COTS Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems to enable NSA solution approval.

The Curtiss-Wright’s DTS1 is the embedded industry's first COTS DAR NAS solution to receive Common Criteria Certification and CSfC component approval for both the hardware and software encryption layers, in a single device. Now listed on the United States NIAP Product Compliant List, the NSA’s CSfC Components List, and the International Common Criteria Certified Products list, system designers in Common Criteria Recognition Agreement (CCRA) member countries can now confidently select the DTS1 to greatly reduce the development time of their encryption solution.

Commercial encryption for critical sensitive data

As a leader in encryption solutions for defense applications, we have developed a knowledge base of information to help guide you in down an encryption path that works for your program. Learn more encryption and how our customers have fielded commercial solutions to protect critical sensitive data.

Curtiss-Wright has been providing encryption solutions to address a range of DAR encryption requirements for decades. With the first DAR encryptor on the market on track to be certified by the NSA for unattended operations, the UNS (Unattended Network Storage) the ideal network attached storage device for protecting data from adversaries in forward-deployed locations and in autonomous vehicle operations where NSA Type 1 is required. For security of sensitive but unclassified information, Curtiss-Wright has developed a range of NAS solutions that are FIPS validated using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and a 256-bit encryption key.

Learn more about how to choose an encryption approach by downloading the Data at Rest Encryption Guide.

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