Observis is a developer and supplier of comprehensive Situational Awareness (SA) systems for CBRNe, environmental and industrial monitoring. We provide our customers full turn-key installations including integration of third-party system components, such as sensors, detectors or analysers. Any device having a well documented data interface can be connected to our SA system. Moreover, our situational awareness system, ObSAS can be interfaced and integrated with virtually any third-party system including tactical control centres, battle- or factory management systems. That makes ObSAS the most open and the most scalable SA system in the market. Whether your requirement is to upgrade an existing system or to commission a completely new one, ObSAS can fulfil it.

Vehicle specialists

We design and deliver cost effective and long lifetime solutions for CBRNe reconnaissance vehicles. We know and understand the challenges and risks the recce teams face during operations and what is required to ensure the safety of the personnel. We also comprehend the operational challenges and the importance of successful execution of reconnaissance missions. The key personnel of the company has more than 15 years of experience in delivering CBRNe reconnaissance vehicles, light and armoured. The solutions we offer are built on our ObSAS platform.

Vehicle System Upgrades

We are able to take the full responsibility of upgrading the existing fleet of reconnaissance vehicles to latest technologies in terms of situational awareness and communications as well as detection and identification capabilities. The scope of delivery is always agreed with the customer but can consist of virtually anything regarding a system upgrade; for example cabling, comms hardware, detectors, sensors etc.

System Integration Partnerships

For vehicle manufacturers we offer partnership where we take care of systems, equipment, devices and hardware not directly included in the vehicle/platform delivery itself. Our experience and expertise in the field of CBRNe and system integration are at our partner’s disposal to the fullest.

Complete Vehicle System Deliveries

If the requirement is for turn-key delivery of Light CBRNe Reconnaissance Vehicle, we are the people to talk to. We know how to turn a standard van or a container, for example, into a sophisticated, safe and functional instrument, ready to be deployed for potentially hazardous missions.

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ObSAS solves key issues:

- You have existing proven hardware but need a new situational awareness system

  • ObSAS can replace yur existing software and integrate your familiar proven hardware as a part of an entirely new system.

- Existing systems no longer receive updates and features

  • ObSAS is future prof. It is constantly under development and new functinalities are added on a steady pace as well as known issues are fixed within a short time frame

- New devices not compatible with existing system

  • ObSAS can bridge the gap between ld and new. Replace your existing dated system with ObSAS and you are free to choose the best new hardware you need regardless of manufacturer and connection requirements.

- Too many systems for similar tasks

  • ObSAS is scalable. The same sftware can be implemented for all your measurement systems and integrated as a network of different hardware

Seamless integration

ObSAS is 100% hardware independent. Therefore, your existing, proven hardware can be implemented as part of the new system. The ObSAS connects with virtually any sensor or device which sends data.

Fast, lightweight and customizable

The system is fast, lightweight and easy to operate. All necessary info is available at a quick glance. On multi-monitor setups you can arrange views between displays to your preference. The user interface is highly usable and customizable enabling fast and accurate response to potential events or incidents.

Intuitive user interface

The ObSAS user interface is unlike anything else on the market. It’s been designed and realized with the latest tools and guidelines for responsiveness, scalability and usability. If our standard UI is not up to par of a specific UI requirement, we provide tools for custom UI development, no coding needed.

Future-proof system

ObSAS is in constant development and new technologies and procedures are implemented on a steady pace. This means the ObSAS will always be up to date and ready to integrate new devices and other systems. Your system will never become obsolete anymore since the situation where your old software can not work with your new hardware is a thing of the past.

Top Notch Personnel

Observis is a combination of seasoned professionals and ambitious apprentices. Our senior staff has more than two decades of experience in critical system deliveries for military, industrial and public security authorities. This enables us to effectively combine our thorough practical experience with profound understanding of the latest technologies and technology platforms. Our multicultural and multi talented team is highly motivated and determined to deliver our customers the best solutions and the best service in the world.

We serve our worldwide customers from our offices in Mikkeli, Finland and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Observis Oy headquarters

Jaakarinkatu 29

FIN-50100 Mikkeli


Contact: Timo Paakki

+358 40 809 1627


Observis Middle-East

4th Floor, Guardian Office Tower

(Technip Building),

Al Muroor Road, Dhafeer Street

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Contact: Tommi Kainulainen

+971 50 382 6488

+971 2 622 2302