The US Air force is exploring whether artificial intelligence technology developed under its Skyborg programme could be used to allow fighter jet pilots to control “wingman” drones. The aim is to team jets such as the F-35 or F-15EX with unmanned platforms. We find out more about the Skyborg project, which envisions an AI-powered wingman that could either come in the form of a drone, or be integrated into a manned cockpit to assist.

Also in the next issue, we take a look at the British Army’s new cyber operations centres, which are due to boost its offensive cyber capabilities by the early 2020s, speak to SteelRock Technologies about its new drone-based counter IED solution, and report on the latest developments in military training and simulation.

Plus, we find out how Dstl and GKN are planning to power the Royal Navy’s future directed energy weapons with a technology borrowed from motor sport, and take a look at SpaceX’s first mission for the US DoD, which will deliver 24 satellites into space for the Space Test Program-2.

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