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Explosive ordnance disposal technician Xavier Dedeckere of the Belgian Navy talks about what it’s like to wear and work in a 40kg+ bomb suit during exercise Northern Challenge 2018.

A US Air Force EOD technician prepares a Mk. II Talon bomb disposal robot for work during exercise Northern Challenge 18, which involved more than 300 troops from 16 NATO Allies and was hosted by Iceland at Keflavik Air Base. Image: NATO

A US Air Force explosive ordnance disposal tech examines a suspected improvised explosive device during exercise Northern Challenge. Image: NATO

Belgian Navy EOD technician Xavier Dedeckere walks towards a simulated improvised explosive device. Image: NATO

The EOD technician makes an anchor point in the ground, which could be vital to saving his life should he get injured while disarming the bomb, during Exercise Northern Challenge. Image: NATO

US Air Force Staff Sergeant Jameson Baehler observes explosive ordnance disposal technicians during Exercise Northern Challenge 18. Image: NATO