DARPA’s first Grand Challenge for autonomous vehicles in 2004 went down in history when not one vehicle finished the 150-mile course. The same year, DARPA predicted that one third of US ground military vehicles would be autonomous by 2015. We look at how the technology has moved on in the 15 years since, and find out how close the US armed forces are to rolling out autonomous vehicles as part of their fleets.

Also in this issue, Pluralsight's VP for EMEIA and former British Army officer Sean Farrington tells us what the military can learn from private sector technology training, and SEA explains how the latest advances in simulation-based training can help cash-strapped forces optimise their training while keeping costs low.

Plus, we hear from MASS how how artificial intelligence can support  countermeasure development, report from the latest Defence Aviation and Safety Conference in the UK, and find out how DARPA wants to develop maritime surveillance capabilities using undersea organisms.

Susanne Hauner, editor