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NMS 4x4 is builded on previous experience and constantly being improved by direct feedback from the operational use of our existing armoured vehicle fleet. NMS 4x4 takes the performance levels of lightweight armoured vehicles beyond that currently on offer around the globe. NMS 4x4 provides ballistic and mine/IED protection that fully complies with the STANAG 4569 and can be easily increased to the required level. NMS 4x4 is engineered for utilisation of Police Forces and Military Units. The modular design of NMS 4x4 enables the users to cover wide range of special operations such as high-intensity combat operations, transportation of troops & equipment, air defense, reconnaisance and light fire support. The user requirements and the integration of modern battlefield systems have been considered from the beginning, so NMS 4x4 is an extremely attractive and useful solution for today’s hybrid warfare. NMS 4x4 can carry a substantial payload for a vehicle of its size which has made it the vehicle of choice for modern armies and security forces. Thanks to its low-center of gravity, NMS 4x4 enables perfect road grip and can drive at a speed of 140 km/h. NMS 4x4 provides high protection despite it has a low weight of 10 tonnes.

NMS 4x4