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Plasan has been very busy in recent years developing new products, and the fruits of that effort are now coming to market for the benefit of all. World debuts of two new vehicles, as well as the first European sighting of Yagu, at the upcoming Eurosatory are just the most visible of a wide array of new solutions now available.

Plasan operates both as a partner and supplier to many vehicle OEMs and integrators around the world, and also develops whole system solutions. As tier 1 supplier this involves working closely to integrate products and solutions into existing vehicles, and also designing armored vehicles on automotive platforms developed by partner OEMs. These solutions run broad and deep, covering all levels of protection from Stanag 1 and under, right up to the most demanding Levels 5 & 6 and counter-RPG protection. Plasan's Stanag 4-6 solutions have been successfully integrated into some of the leading wheeled and tracked vehicles, achieving exceptionally high levels of protection at low weight and affordable cost. Blast management solutions start with advanced FEA simulations to optimize the design of the protection system that employs a multi-layered approach of belly geometries, floating floors, footpads, and energy attenuating seats to protect the crew from under vehicle blasts without adversely affecting the ergonomics and mission requirements. When involved at the earlier design stages of a new vehicle, Plasan's ability to balance the needs of ergonomics, design, engineering, ballistic and blast protection, and manufacturability have resulted in some of the most successful armored vehicles of recent years, including the Navistar MaxxPro MRAP, Oshkosh M-ATV and JLTV, and Thales Hawkei to name but a few.

At the upcoming Eurosatory exhibition in Paris, Plasan are also showing a range of vehicles. The recently released ultralight Yagu will be making its European debut alongside two new vehicles being revealed to the world for the first time.

Yagu was launched to great critical acclaim at Expo Seguridad in Mexico on April 24th this year. Described by the press as a "military batmobile", the 3-seater B6+ Yagu is a 1.5t patrol vehicle that can lay chase with over 60bhp/tonne and a compact agile tubular chassis, making it the perfect vehicle for border protection, counter-trafficking operations, and special missions where agility, protection, and firepower can get you safely in and out before your target even knows you're there.

Making its world debut at Eurosatory will be the first model of the 4th generation of our very popular SandCat. Deployed in over 16 countries across 5 continents, the SandCat has become the standard by which all others are measured. The 1st generation SandCat was launched in 2005 and since then has undergone constant evolution and expansion as the SandCat Family of vehicles has grown and been adapted for a broad range of tasks from policing and SWAT to full military combat use. The configurable modular design has always been readily adaptable for roles from carrying troops to heavy weapons such as guided missiles and mortars. The latest 4th generation SandCat is all-new, and follows our most intensive effort yet to further improve the SandCat's capabilities. Still recognizably a SandCat, the styling is now more easily customizable for local identity requirements. The already exceptional ergonomics and design details that distinguish the SandCat from lesser rivals have been further improved. And an even more modular design with scalable armor protection means that you can cover even more roles with maximum commonality across the fleet. The first of these 4th generation models that will be unveiled in Paris in June takes the SandCat to new limits and contains some big surprises too.

The second Plasan world debut at Eurosatory is a new model range that fits in between the Yagu and SandCat in the challenging 3.5-5t weight category. Answering a popular requirement Plasan now offers a reliable, durable, and well protected vehicle with the fit and finish expected of Plasan products, in a very competitive and efficient package. There is no longer a need to compromise with a heavy vehicle built on an unsuitable and overloaded chassis, now your units too can have a fleet of top-class 4t armored patrol vehicles from Plasan on an unmodified and durable heavy duty chassis. Details will be revealed at the show in Paris.

Whether you are a vehicle OEM/integrator wanting to raise the level of your own products, or an end-user wanting comprehensive high-end protected solutions, Plasan has the technology, expertise, and products to answer your needs.

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