Never Run Out of Power
No matter where you are...

PTX power management products from Protonex Technology Corporation enable you to maintain constant operation of multiple electronic devices by scavenging, sharing, and storing power from any source. So you can stay powered up and continue your mission—even in the most extreme environments.

Power conversion is automatic - no special configuration or programming is needed – and our smart cable and standard connector interface technology makes adding a new device as easy as plug-and-play.

Reduce your battery load, stay powered up, and operate more effectively - anywhere, any time.

Reducing the ‘Battery Burden’ – doing more, with less...

Our power management systems enable units operating in austere environments to maintain constant operability of their mission-essential electronic equipment – while also reducing their battery burden. They deliver these mission-enhancing benefits by pulling and converting power from any available source – for example: solar panels and blankets, vehicle power outlets and batteries, aircraft power outlets, military and commercial batteries, wind turbines, field generators, fuel cells, UAV / UGV batteries – and using that power to run equipment or recharge batteries.  They can also pull and use power from 110 and 220 volt A/C outlets when / where available too.

The core PTX product series includes:

  • ABC-812 Adaptive Battery Charger – which allows end-users to charge all their batteries faster and more efficiently than other alternatives
  • SPM-622 Squad Power Manager – which dramatically reduces the number and variety of batteries small units need to carry on operations
  • VPM-402 Vest Power Manager – which manages both data and power for “man-worn” communications and situational awareness systems

Our smart cable technology also makes connecting a power source, an electronic device, or a battery, truly as easy as plug-and-play – and currently support more than 200 different types of electronic equipment; including all type of military batteries; commercial batteries; UAV systems; UGV systems; high-performance military radio and SATCOM systems; laptop and tablet computers; EOD equipment; medical equipment, GPS and laser designator systems, etc. 

Power that’s not used for running devices can also be used to recharge military and commercial batteries, including Conformal Wearable Batteries, BB-2590s, power tool batteries, and UAS and UGV batteries. Also the latest high performance radio and SATCOM system batteries can be used.

Applications and Solutions

By working directly with end-users, we have developed a range of kits for specialist applications that enhance operational capabilities.

These include:

We take care of the power - so you can focus on the mission...

Our Story

In 2005 Protonex Technology Corp. was contracted to develop the first “Power Manager” system for the US military. Now in its 4th Generation, our SPM-622 Squad Power Manager is included as a ‘must have’ accessory in the US Army Nett Warrior program, and is also in use with US and Allied SOF and conventional units all over the world. The “PTX” branding for our power management solutions began as a form of short-hand for Protonex Technology Corporation, but could also stand for “Power Technology for eXtreme conditions.” Along with that came inspiration from nomadic tribes and the perservering warrior ethos of elite Special Operations Forces. Our mission is to ensure that you have power whenever and wherever you need it—allowing you to focus on accomplishing your mission.

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Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Kit:

Explosive Ordinance Disposal teams need a wide range of power tools and electronic equipment to accomplish their tasks.

Our EOD Universal Power Kit dramatically reduces the weight and clutter of batteries, chargers, and power adapters needed by EOD teams.

Prolonged Field Care Kit:

Advances in medical technology enables the delivery of hospital-level care to the most remote parts of the globe.

Our Prolonged Field Care MED Kit reduces the battery burden and enhances the operational capability of field medical teams by enabling them to run their communications, computing, and medical equipment from any power source in the ruck, truck or plane.

Extended Fire Support Kit:

Indirect fires, CAS, and aerial ISR platforms mitigate risk for ground forces.

Fire supporters and JTACs require multiple electronic devices to perform their mission, and our solution enables them to centralize power and data through a single smart hub.

Special Operations Forces Kit:

SOF units conducting missions in austere or far-flung environments must have the ability to maintain constant communications links between elements, HQ, and host or partner forces by using multiple types of radios, tablets, and other voice, video, and data-enabled devices.

Our solutions enable them to keep critical devices and batteries powered up for continuous operational capability.

Nett Warrior Infantry Kit:

The Nett Warrior system is an integrated dismounted leader situational awareness system for use during combat operations. The system uses a single lightweight battery for power, and includes the capability to charge that battery on the go.

Our Infantry Kit includes a power manager, solar blanket, accessory cables, and adapters for standard-issue batteries and equipment.

Unmanned Aerial Systems:

Austere locations present significant challenges for military UAS operators to keep their platform and ground station batteries charged.

Our field-charging solutions draw power from any available source to keep platforms, ground stations, and support equipment charged up and fully operational—enhancing the mission capability of ISR assets in critical situations.