Next issue: November 2018

The UK’s Dstl is seeking proposals for novel approaches to predictive cyber security and, in the longer term, develop a deployable solution to predict and counter future cyber threats. We explore how predictive cyber security solutions could be used to reduce the likelihood and impact of cyber threats to government agencies and defence manufacturers.

We also find out how a US Army research project is developing robots that can learn to autonomously work in teams with soldiers, check in on the US Air Force’s hypersonic weapons programme, and look at new tech designed to protect pilots’ eyes from low-intensity lasers while in flight.

Plus, we report on new tech designed to detect explosives hidden in electrical items, find out how the US Navy is turning its nuclear attack subs into underwater spies with the help of new sonar and artificial intelligence, and hear from Viasat how effective information sharing can help prevent data bottlenecks in military operations.

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