is a Belgian aerospace company active in all sectors of certifiable avionics system development, including manned aircraft cockpit systems and unmanned aircraft ground control stations and onboard avionics.





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(UN)manned certified intelligence

Sol Avionics System 

(UN)MANNED eliminates the high cost of avionics system development with its certification automation technology. The high-level system requirements specified in Sol language by system designers are automatically translated into an avionics application with no direct SW design or coding. This approach, called Sol Avionics System provides up to 80% reduction in avionics project timelines, project development budgets and eliminates risk associated with DO-178C certification. 

The EASA certified avionics applications developed by (UN)MANNED include:

  • Primary Flight Display with Synthetic Vision System
  • Navigation Displays
  • Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System (EICAS)
  • Multi-Functional Displays
  • UAV ground control stations
  • Pilot training simulators
  • Any general avionics application on board or on the ground


(UN)MANNED is extending the capabilities of Sol Avionics System to certified image processing on board aircraft and intelligent decision making in certified avionics. The bridging of certification automation in avionics and machine intelligence leads to our company motto: “Certified Intelligence”.