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Ocular Robotics with its RobotEye technology platform provides solutions to some of the most challenging sensing problems confronting military operations today.

The unrivalled capability of its technology platform to direct a broad range of sensors with simultaneous extreme speed and precision over a wide field of regard, delivers the performance needed to get the right imagery or data, from precisely where you want it, when you need it.

Whether it is;

  • Simultaneously tracking multiple drones, even from a moving vehicle
  • Dynamic broad area high resolution thermal surveillance
  • High bandwidth active stabilisation on ground, air and surface craft
  • Immersive remote telepresence
  • Free space optical communications links between moving vehicles or personnel
  • Or other demanding sensing task;

RobotEye based systems provide the means to deliver on operational needs where traditional approaches can not.

RobotEye based systems eliminate the need to consider the size and weight of a sensor when looking at sensor payload constraints and their impact on pointing performance; don’t be constrained by payload limits from using the sensor you need to meet operational demands.

Optical configurability of RobotEye based systems allows almost any type of sensor, from the far UV through the visible and infrared to mm-wave radar, to be incorporated and so access the extreme pointing bandwidth offered by the platform.

Immunity to shock and vibration and simplified environmental protection means RobotEye systems can be fielded in the harshest conditions on practically any ground, air, sea or subsea platform.

The RELW60 LWIR thermal vision system delivers wide area high resolution thermal vision resolving the conflict between coverage area and desired range. The RobotEye RELW60 system allows expensive thermal pixels to be concentrated to deliver significant detection range, while providing dynamic wide area coverage.

The RobotEye technology platform can be adapted to deliver its benefits across many different applications and environments.

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