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Engineers are constantly tasked with reducing the size and weight of their systems while improving overall performance. Proper component selection is a critical step in accomplishing these goals. Most component vendors continuously innovate to offer new and improved options. Being aware of the newest available technologies is a vital part of designing an advanced system.

Tantalum, ceramic, and aluminum electrolytic capacitors have been around for decades. These trusted technologies continue to play an important role in serving many applications today. As design requirements become more complex, newer solutions must be considered.

EVANSCAPS, made by Evans Capacitor Company, deliver a key solution for applications where size, weight and performance are critical. EVANSCAPS are hybrid wet tantalum capacitors that provide significant savings of space and weight in addition to improved electrical characteristics when compared to other capacitor technologies.

EVANSCAPS are 1/10th the size of traditional wet tantalum capacitors and ¼ the size of the industry’s leading aluminum electrolytic capacitor. They also provide high capacitance ratings, long operating life, low ESR, and high current handling capability in a hermetically sealed Hi-Rel package.

The operating principal behind EVANSCAPS’ hybrid technology lies within the combination of a high voltage bearing Tantalum (Ta2O5) anode and a high-energy density supercapacitor Ruthenium Oxide (RuO2) cathode. When paired, this combination yields the most power dense capacitor in the market.

EVANSCAPS deliver a key (and often enabling) solution to applications including radar, laser, power hold up, downhole drilling, electronic warfare and many more. EVANSCAPS give radar designers a compact solution to DC storage power to achieve increased pulse widths and amplitudes while reducing voltage droop and cooling requirements. Laser designers have successfully used EVANSCAPS to reduce the volume of their cap banks, reduce ESR, generate less heat and achieve high peak discharge currents. The harsh high temperature, shock and vibration environments in downhole drilling applications are no match for EVANSCAPS’ rugged design.

EVANSCAPS’ trusted and proven technology can currently be found in a variety of commercial, military, and aerospace applications. Every EVANSCAP that is built undergoes over 48 hours of extensive testing which ensures its unmatched reputation for quality and reliability.

Founded in 1996, Evans Capacitor Company is a privately held AS9100 certified small business directly supporting virtually all Tier 1 Aerospace and Defense companies. Visit or email to learn more.

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