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After 40 years of service, the Royal Air Force has officially retired the Panavia Tornado multirole combat aircraft. Image: Crown Copyright/MOD

Nicknamed the “Tonka” by UK troops, the Tornado first entered service in 1979 towards the end of the Cold War. Pictured: First model of the Tornado GR1. Image: US Air Force

The Tornado was first used in conflict in the 1991 Gulf War, when 60 aircraft were deployed from bases in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Image: Crown Copyright/MOD

One of the Tornado’s later variants, the GR4, was deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Syria. Pictured: Tornado over Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan. Image: Crown Copyright/MOD

Tornado aircraft flies over London during celebrations of the Queen’s birthday in 2013. Image: Crown Copyright/MOD

The last of the remaining Tornado aircraft arrived at RAF Marham on 4 and 5 February, and will officially leave service on 31 March. Pictured: At the RAF’s 95th anniversary in 2009. Image: Crown Copyright/MOD.