When weapons are crucial to keeping the peace, we’ll make sure to ship them safely to the right places

Small & medium arms ammunition
Mortars, grenades, missiles, etc.
Arms & weapons systems, Turrets, etc.
Military equipment & technology
Aerospace & defense equipment
Armored vehicles
Army supplies

Fully certified forwarder of military cargo

Red Star Forwarding & Logistics is located near the Port of Antwerp, in Belgium. We are a relatively young, yet highly successful forwarding company. Our team of logistics experts disposes of shiploads of combined expertise in highly specialized logistics sectors. We are fully certified and equipped to ship, transport and handle military cargo and strategic cargo worldwide. As expert military logistics service providers, we are well versed in the secure transportation of IMO 1 explosives and ammunition, arms and weapon systems, armored vehicles and military supplies. We offer integrated logistics services that enable you, our customer, to focus on your core business, instead of spending time and energy sorting out complicated logistics.

Who would you entrust with your valuable cargo?

To us, cargo can’t come complex enough

There are few military cargo categories we haven’t handled in our many years of specialized strategic cargo experience. We love them all - and the more dangerous, the better: we thrive on the challenge of creating the perfect solution for extremely complex freight, such as:

Aerospace & Defense equipment:

Arms & weapon systems
IT communication systems
High sensitive hardware
Classified defense equipment & technology
Non-lethal technology
Helicopters and Turrets
Armored vehicles

Explosives (logistics):

Small and medium caliber ammunition
Black powder
Smokeless powder
Mortars and grenades

World-wide network

We offer our clients a world-wide network of reliable agents, enabling us to operate safely, legally and efficiently in most ports, countries and trading centres in Europe and overseas. 

Our hands-on approach guarantees you a seamless international operation with expertise and assistance available through this agency network. We manage the transport and arrange for all licences and escorts en route.

Target areas

Our international network of reliable agents and subcontractors with ‘western’ operating principles  enable us to operate in important deep-sea ports and international airports in the following target areas:

From Europe to the Middle East  From North America to the Middle East 
From Europe and North America to Africa
To and from Europe and North America
To and from Europe and Latin America

Europe - USA trade

In full compliance with European and US regulations, Red Star Forwarding & Logistics offers full logistics service for various European and American Defense contractors.

Europe - Middle East trade

We have extensive knowhow and expertise to supply Middle East markets, through sea freight, airfreight and door-to-door transport. 

We offer direct service from Northern European Ports towards Aqaba, Jeddah, Damman, Riyadh, Muscat, Jebel Ali, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Salalah, Khor Fakkan, Doha, Mina Salman, Umm Qasr. Also various services from the USA towards the Middle East can be offered.

Licenses and registrations:

Preliminary license for the export, import and transit 
of weapons and military cargo: WL36/5150/5/281
Forwarder license number: 3334001
Licensed to transport arms and ammunition (no. 7/1/12/0001) by the Belgian Federal Public Service for Home Affairs
Registered with the Belgian Ministry of Defense under NCAGE code B7799 and with the Nato Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA).

Strategic goods

There is no strategic cargo we haven’t handled so-far. The more sensitive, the better. Black powder, explosives, mines, grenades - we ship ammunition of every kind. 

We handle an unlimited range of military and non-military equipment, from heavy artillery up to high-volume army supplies to keep the troops alive and kicking.

Needless to emphasize that we play the game by the book: security escorts, official authorizations, permits and transit licenses - all that’s needed to ensure perfect compliance and safety.

Military cargo

We have close relationships with selected carriers who are prepared to accept these highly sensitive goods. We take great care to comply with all special requirements, transit permissions and end-user stipulations.

We have every permit and license required to handle goods in this sector. Quality comes at a price, no doubt about that. But our utterly pragmatic and efficient organization model delivers full control and total care, at very competitive prices. We are dedicated to speed and quality, not to overhead cost!

IMO Class 1 materials

Whenever possible, we use liner ships from or to European ports. During the last few years, an increasing number of shipping lines reject this kind of cargo, especially fireworks. We deal with this, through using charter or part-charter ships. With these ships we reach nearly every port in the world. For the transport of explosives we use carefully selected hauliers, equipped for the highest standards for European explosives transportation.

Armored vehicles project management

Forwarding and expedition of armored vehicles from one country to another is a demanding task. It takes special expertise, as armored vehicles are difficult to manage and highly valuable. Our logistics services range from exceptional transport and oversize loads to air, sea, road and rail. At Red Star Forwarding, we have the complete “golden triangle” of experience, expertise and resources required to ship armored vehicles from and to any destination in the world. In addition we take care of assembly, under 24/7 C-TPAT surveillance, enabling cost-efficient logistics under maximum security conditions.

Non-military cargo

Peacetime operations present immense logistics challenges. Food and drink, equipment, sanitation, medicines - an impressive tonnage of goods precedes and follows the troops, enabling them to function well and stay fit and healthy. 

At Red Star Forwarding & Logistics these challenges are almost daily routine. Here, too, we do rely on a select group of reputed partners: licensed shipping lines, chartering companies and hauliers who are as passionate about your valuable cargo as we are.


With our long history of chartering for both military cargo and out-of-gauge project cargo, we do dispose of top-notch excellent in-house knowledge of both aircraft chartering and ship chartering. Over the years we have built up proven relationships with ship owners and air carriers. If required, cargo inspection and loading supervision are part of the service. To ensure that the goods loaded are not damaged in transit, we have in-depth knowledge of stowage planning, segregation and separation requirements for explosives, and of stevedoring and shipwright operations.

Packing Explosives

Stuffing of explosive cargo into containers requires thorough and detailed knowledge of national and international regulations as well as technical knowledge of securing the cargo for ocean transportation according to IMO regulations. The following services are close to daily routine:

Stuffing of containers according to IMO-regulations
Securing of on-truck cargo with straps or wooden construction
Processing by partial and complete parties by trucks
Combined truck/rail transportation
Wooden coatings of containers if necessary
Fumigation of containers
Issuing of dangerous goods declaration
Door-to-door transport services in Europe
Photo-documentation of packing

Our specialist logistic services in a nutshell

Provision and control of explosives and ammunition stevedoring services as well as cargo  superintending 
at various licensed ports world-wide
 World-wide deep sea ammunition, weapons and explosives shipping service on liner services and company controlled charter tonnage
Supervisory and consulting service for the transportation of ammunition, weapons, explosives and defense and security related material
International road transport service for ammunition, weapons, explosives and defense and security related material
International air freight service for ammunition, weapons, explosives and defense and security related material
Storage and handling of ammunition, weapons, explosives and defense and security related material.


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