Get the Most out of your Onboard Cameras

  • Reliably use multi-touch touchscreen technology with wet and gloved hands, on rugged ground vehicle displays
  • Minimize system size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) with stackable video management building blocks

Leverage our decades of experience in rugged video system design and development to implement full-motion low latency solutions.


Modern efforts like the U.S. Army’s Vehicle Integration for C4ISR/EW Interoperability (VICTORY) initiative and the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) are paving the way for a modern battlefield where system upgrades and modifications are quicker and less expensive.

  • Leverage modular system architecture to scale and optimize systems for mission requirements
  • Reduce system complexity and clutter while enhancing situational awareness
  • Enable video over Ethernet capability and get optimal tactile response in high-vibration environments with the Ground Vehicle Display (GVDU)

Improve Situational Awareness

Increase interoperability, reliability, and operational flexibility while reducing size, weight, power, and costs with the smallest, most rugged complete video management system built for ground vehicle applications.

  • Display video from a wide variety of video sources, in a range of operational views, at the touch of a button
  • Reduce operational overhead and on-board clutter with rugged multi-touch touchscreen technology
  • Design system architectures in accordance with the VICTORY Standard or the GVA methodology

Reduce Cabling, Redundant Equipment, and Operator Overhead

A central video distribution unit provides a hub for video sources that minimizes cabling and cost by decreasing the large number of interconnects between video sources, displays, and video recorders.