Raytheon has developed next-generation mine clearance and undersea technology that is drawing interest from the UK Royal Navy, among others. We talk to Raytheon’s undersea warfare experts to find out what’s new below the waves and what’s next for the equipment.

We also report from the British-French Combined Joint Expeditionary Force’s recent exercise Griffin Strike in the North Sea, and take a look at the different variants of the British Army’s AJAX vehicle and the capabilities it will bring to the force.

Announced at DSEI, BT has partnered with Counter Drone Solution to develop solutions to drone disruption. We find out how the companies are aiming to help organisations keep their airspace secure with new counter-drone response capabilities.

Finally, we find out how IFS is working with Lockheed martin on the F-35 programme, and hear from Babcock how its iSupport360 systems brings smart insight to naval asset maintenance.

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