Game developers have long drawn inspiration from the military, but now armed forces and defence contractors are increasingly looking to gaming technology for their training software. We caught up with the founders of Slitherine Games at this year’s DSEI to learn more about the convergence of gaming technology and military simulation training.

Also in the this issue, we catch up with the US Air Force’s service acquisition executive, Dr Will Roper, to get an update on the Skyborg programme and the wider uses of AI and autonomy in the air force.

Plus, we take a look at QioptiQ’s night sight solutions for the battlefield, find out how Viasat is bringing in-flight Wi-Fi and other commercial technologies to military aviation, and speak to Raytheon about its involvement in NATO’s Europe-based missile defence system.

And finally, we hear from IFS how aerospace and defence manufacturers can future-proof their operations for Industry 4.0, and take a look back at the history of submarine development.

Susanne Hauner, editor